Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog 11: Interviewing and Sound Unit!

The "Tropos of Interviewing" and "Editing Digital Audio" videos we're both very helpful to me in planning for my final project. I really enjoyed "The Film Lab" clips, they shared a ton of useful information in a fun and interesting way! It definitely reminded me to do my homework before doing an interview, and MAKE SURE you have the questions planned out ahead of time. Also, I never really realized that what's in the foreground or background of an interview really does count, and can help with your tropos of interviewing.

I am still continuing to sharpen my focus for my interviewing, and deciding exactly the interview questions I want to use. These videos definitely helped me understand better how to properly hold an interview. I would love to interview Frederique, the Belgian woman who works at our Clemson University Brussels Center here in Belgium. I plan to ask her about the differences in advertising in Belgium versus the United States. Also I plan to talk to her about recycling in Belgium for my video about an issue here in Belgium. The problem is since our school is strictly American's from Clemson (about 35 of us), I honestly don't know many Belgians (if any!) to interview. But now what I can continue to work on is exactly which interview questions I want to use and for which video of my final projects. I am also glad to be more knowledgeable about editing audio files; I feel like I will have a few issues with that. I can definitely look back on these videos though for help and advice. I love your expressive and interesting beginning to the video by using different sound clips while looking like you were in a scary movie. It got me even more interested to learn!

I plan to start pinpointing down my questions and interviewing very soon!

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