Saturday, March 13, 2010


I know this video is not the best, but I am honestly proud of myself that I was even able to get this far with IMovie. I'm glad that we had this assignment so I can begin to learn different things about the program and get more familiar. I literally had no idea about Imovie or how to even put video clips together-- so I feel quite accomplished for having made it at least this far so far!!

What I wanted to do was show what a pain it can be to go to the grocery store most of the time. It's quite the process....we go to the metro, take a tram, walk for quite a while, get to the grocery store...and don't forget you have to bring your own plastic bags! Also, you can never get more than you can carry home! Which also involves being very crowded on a metro, so literally you cannot get much. It does truly make me miss Walmart- where you get your own bags, can get as much as you want because you have a buggy that takes it to your car for you, and actually drive your groceries home! That is quite a luxury. Honestly though I do really appreciate Belgium's efforts to conserve and have us bring our own bag; think of how much money and plastic they save.

Working with Imovie was quite the experience, we had a few fights but I can't wait to learn more about the program and definitely improve my skills. I need to continue working on putting together my final projects!


  1. I can't see the video. Having trouble uploading? Perhaps you could try posting to YouTube first, then embedding to the blog?

  2. Cool vid, Kree. Now try this: edit this blog entry and post the "embed code" from YouTube on a blank line at the top of the blog... Let me know how that works.