Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tropos in Photography

Picture 1: Just looking at this picture immediately makes me smile. I absolutely love the atmosphere and everything this picture stands for, and especially all of the people in it. In the foreground of the picture, everyone is showing their excitement for the countdown on New Years Eve. Everyone's expressions are so varied and classic; I love how the pure joy in everyone is captured. The fact that we were all celebrating together is what made New Years Eve so special, and I so happy this picture proves that.

Picture 2: The symmetry of this picture is what is so impressive. Antonio Gaudi's architecture is incredible. The way the shot was correctly framed is what really shows off the symmetry, and then us as the subjects just adds a little more. This picture tells the story of our travels through Barcelona, and how seeing architecture was such an important thing to all of us.

Picture 3: I just couldn't resist the opportunity to capture the beautiful sunset while taking a plane home from visiting my brother in Idaho (he's a fighter pilot for the Air Force and was stationed there). The colors in this picture are so vivid and contrast each other so well, and the angle that the picture is taken has the sunset going down right beside the wing of the airplane which I just love. Off in the distance you can even see the rivers that we're flying above. The purples, pinks, oranges and yellows make up my perfect color scheme and I am just in love with this picture.

Picture 4: The tropos behind the 4th picture is the beauty behind NYC. So many times we think of New York City as a city constantly moving and people in chaos everywhere, yet this picture captures my walk through Central Park and there are no people in this picture; I was focusing solely on the water, duck, and buildings in the background. I love how all the elements of this picture work so well together. I especially like the lighting of the shot, it was dusk time right before dinner , which was able to really bring out the lights of the buildings in the background. I would love to go to NYC again soon!

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