Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have alwaysssss had a very huge interest in pictures. My dad was a professional photographer for a while before I was born, always photographing weddings and such. He's taught me a few good tricks while growing up but I've never had a really cool camera like his Nikon is. I really do have a strong love for my Canon Power Shot though, I feel like Canon quality has never disappointed me.

This first picture is an example of a horizontal picture. This was from New Years Eve 2010...what an incredible time we all had together!! Everyone in this picture is from all over and it was so fun to come together for a night of celebration. My Aussie friend was even there!

This is also a horizontal picture and an example of lighting. I love this picture...we just took it in Barcelona, Spain and it's amazing architecture from Antonio Gaudi...his style of architecture is absolutely bizzare and so incredible. I would recommend you look him up! I really enjoyed exploring Barcelona and seeing his mark on the city. We used no flash.

These two pictures are examples of rule of thirds. The first picture I took out of the airplane when coming back to SC after visiting my brother in Idaho. The next one I took while walking in Central Park in NYC to go to one of my friends agent's apartment in the Upper East Side. Remember Miss Teen SC USA on the national pageant that made the big fumble talking about maps and 'THE Iraq??' . That's actually one of my friends from home that I grew up with, so her agents had us over for dinner in NYC when I was visiting there. Too cool and I even got a great picture out of it! I had both of those pictures blown up at my apartment in Clemson. I really like them!

This is another cool rule of thirds picture that I took during the Clemson snow last year, March 1st, 2009. I can't believe I just missed the Clemson snow that happened over Valentines weekend! I have come to hate the snow in Belgium, but really love the snow in SC for some reason. Go figure!


  1. Cool photos, I really like the second one and the forth is probably my favorite.

  2. centering the photo of the Antonio Gaudi architecture made good use of his symmetry.

    the plane shot is cool, too - and I'm a sucker for NYC cityscapes.

  3. I love the colors in the plane picture! Beautiful.