Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cultural Literacy/ End of Study Abroad

Ahhh! I cannot even believe it! These 3.5 months have absolutely flown by and I can't believe my study abroad experience is coming to an end. How is this possible already?! I feel like I just packed my two huge suitcases and boarded the plane for Belgium back in January. And now it's almost the middle of April! I feel like I have learned SO much more than I ever imagined I would about other cultures. Living it is so much different than merely reading about it in a textbook or online. I am so incredibly thankful that I've had this semester here to learn so much more about myself and the world.

Plan of action: I've been reviewing past videos from the syllabus links. I plan to do some good interviewing this week! Still finalizing interview questions and still playing with Imovie. Man...I truly hate technology sometimes! I can just be pretty bad with it. I need to watch more tutorials on Imovie so I can become an expert :) Cannot wait to see everyone's final results! I believe they are due in just 2 weeks!! AHHHH! We can do it :)

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